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For over 33 years, WPPL has been an expert in adhesive and polymer-based solutions

wppl slitting and converting machine

WPPL Slitting and Converting Services in Delhi, India

WPPL provides contract manufacturing and sorts of coating services, along with slitting and converting services. Manufacturer of a large selection of products, including slitting & converting service. We can slit adhesive-backed laminates along with other mixed coats.

WPPL has more than 5 precision slitting machines within its own plant, which have been custom-built from the plant for particular applications throughout the previous 33 years. As requirements have developed through time, we've rebuilt and modified our slitters to take care of various material and sizes besides those they were initially made.

1. Slitting and Converting For Research & Product Development
2. Cost-saving, Time-saving Capabilities for Clients
3. Increasing Capabilities
4. Confidential, High Security

Our engineering skills and experience will help save time and money on new product creation.

Engineering’s Experience For Slitting and Converting

If WPPL receives the purchase, the manufacturing section determines how to finish the sequence to afford the maximum quality at the cheapest price, reducing waste and increasing production

In addition, we offer convert on top speed narrow worldwide slitter. Razor-cut slitting and crush cutting converting.

What Varieties of Slitting and Converting Services Can We Offer?

Razor-cut Slitting uses single blades set at predetermined intervals throughout the equipment. The material is hauled through the static blades, making accurate and clean cuts. Razor slitting and converting services are most appropriate to film materials of thinner thickness.

Crush Cutting is slitting materials between an anvil roller and a cutting-edge roller coaster using increased blades helically put around its own surface. It's broadly speaking for slitting very demanding materials like sandpaper or rubber, but a few lightweight tissue ranges, laminates and adhesive materials fare-well with this particular procedure.

Lathe Type/Single Blade Cutting: - Slicing can be done on the log rolls of different types of satisfaction/webs such as on paper, film, foil, foam, non-woven, etc,.

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