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For over 33 years, WPPL has been an expert in adhesive and polymer-based solutions

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Wonder Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Is leading the adhesive, coating, and customised product company. Introducing expansion joint systems for the first time in India.

Expansion Joint System

WPPL expansion joint system is a pre-compressed, silicone coated, self-expanding foam joint system. Comprised of a impregnated foam and coated with a UV stable water proof compound, the foam seal is designed to be permanently bonded to the joint substrate.

Features : -

1. Monolithic foam construction.
2. Factory assembled joint transitions available.
3. Armorless technology avoids corrosion, makes road safer, better bridge life
4. Designed for +/- 50% of joint opening, and accommodate rapid rates of joint movement.
5. Simplicity of installation.
6. Smooth commuter driving experience as no metal plate is on the surface in touch with motorist tyres. Noise free
7. Resist structural shifts that naturally occur during heat or cold. The WPPL system is constantly expanding and contracting, lengthens the life span of bridge.