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For over 33 years, WPPL has been an expert in adhesive and polymer-based solutions

Welcome to WPPL (Wonder Polymers Private Limited)

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We are located at Badli Industrial Area, North West Delhi, New Delhi, India with the manufacturing units at Sonipat, Haryana.

WPPL is a 36 years old company in the field of self adhesive taps and product, now offering contract manufacturing, and coating services, product equipment specialized in toll coating, pilot coating, adhesive coatings, slitting, and converting services using techniques and equipment for export/global markets, import substitution, new product development.

We adapt new and unique products and materials using the modular organization of the equipment with design and development quality to create equipment needed on the project.

WPPL Offers Contract Manufacturing and Coating Services

We provide contract manufacturing and coating services, such as toll coating, pilot coating, slitting and converting. Our technicians may ease the method from the beginning.
These services provide the opportunity to gauge and examine the current market before investing in the ultimate service conditions.

Equipment Evaluation

WPPL is also aligned to manage the initial requirement of fresh materials and products as a way to rescue organizations from purchasing production supplies before they've developed the latest specifications.

This development saves the capital cost for our buyer and enables employees to decide on the best possible process and machinery to.

By allowing a customer to use various equipment to attain maximum efficiency, the cost-effective procedure of production, a lot of costs, and wasted time may be avoided.

Your organization is subsequently able to test results from various procedures before purchasing new equipment and also diluting the technology.

Material Evaluation

With our comprehensive resources of engineering staff, technical team and equipment, we utilize several procedures for processing. By dealing with various providers, we might help determine the most useful sourcing to attain the desired benefits for our buyer, applying our long experience in the field.

With our focus on contract manufacturing and coating services, we help by providing an assortment of results to ascertain the ideal solution as per specification, design, expectation of buyer/user.

Testing the Market Place

When you're analyzing a commodity on the market, we could take care of the short-or-long term production till you've experienced a way to get final alterations and are prepared to create a generation in house.

Advantages of WPPL (Wonder Polymers Private Limited)

WPPL manufacturing product and coating services

Whenever your contract manufacturing companies and coating services are overbooked, WPPL will manage the surplus production to maintain work on schedule. We concentrate on wide contract manufacturing and coating services of materials provided in wrapped form.

We Play Contract Services for Diverse Industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products and Packaging
  • Marine
  • Aircraft
  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Roofing
  • The broad assortment of products and services permits us to flourish from the adhesive coating business while still providing a procedure that's exclusive to every customer's wants and end product. Our contract manufacturing, slitting, and converting, pilot coating, toll coating make it feasible for all of us to function as our own businesses to all your converting needs.

    We adapt new and unique products and materials using the modular organization of the equipment with design and development quality to create equipment needed on the project.

    Technologies accessible at WPPL comprise:

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    1. Contract Manufacturing
    2. Toll Coating
    3. Pilot Coating
    4. Slitting and Converting
    5. Product Development

    Overview of Contract Manufacturing and Coating Services.

    We provide contract manufacturing and coatings services, including toll coating, pilot coating, toll adhesives, and slitting and converting.