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For over 33 years, WPPL has been an expert in adhesive and polymer-based solutions

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Contract Manufacturing Services In Delhi, India

WPPL has been a 33 yrs old company in this field of self-adhesive taps and products located at Badli Industrial Area with the Manufacturing units at Sonipat Haryana. Now, WPPL offers contract manufacturing services.

WPPL Offers Coating Manufacturing Services

WPPL Provides Many Kinds of coating manufacturing services, which are as below: -
  • Adhesive Coating.
  • Toll Coating.
  • Pilot Coating.
  • Toll Adhesive.
  • We have leveraged our production proficiency to supply affordable and high-quality products all over the world. With the growth in the importance of coating manufacturing, especially in adhesive coating manufacturing services, we provide expert technicians for contract manufacturing services.

    Production Contract Manufacturing Services Which Include: -

    1. Product Design.
    2. Testing.
    3. Process Design.
    4. Product Development.
    5. Other Services.

    As a customer, you may choose the depth of engagement that best fits your business requirements even though our contract manufacturing services may meet one time or recurring requirements.

    Businesses trying to concentrate on the core competencies outside manufacturing will benefit from our contract manufacturing services. This consists of large OEMs and thin startups equally, over the coating manufacturing.

    During our expertise with sourcing and manufacturing, and also our capacity to send assemblies or finished products all over the globe.

    WPPL's team contains experienced engineers that execute operations at an incredibly efficient method. The team comprises experienced experts in quality research and quality control and market researchers that study industry predicated on current trends and supply the most effective technical solutions to future years concerning merchandise and contract manufacturing services.

    We assure you that a one roof solution for several contract manufacture products economically concerns cost and regulation. Thus, lowering your manufacturing weight and lessening the distribution chain, permitting one to concentrate on your core competencies.

    How Can We Deal with Contract Manufacturing?

    We handle the manufacture of the adhesive coating. Such products are produced for enormous campaigns. We also have developed special capacities in"custom manufacturing".

    We Serve Our Manufacturing Services.

    1. Contract Manufacturing for Cement Company.
    2. Contract manufacturing for Printers Company.
    3. Contract Manufacturing for Engineering Company.
    4. Contract Manufacturing for TATA Company.
    5. Contract Manufacturing for Glass Company.

    Final Verdict

    Contact us to talk about your needs with no upcoming manufacturing project. If you are uncertain about which process will best fit your requirements, our manufacturing experts could be delighted to help with a free appraisal, generally within one business day.