wppl products developed as per requirement

WPPL is the pioneer in the coating and laminating industry. The company has developed its product design and manufacturing flexibility such that it can manufacture products for a variety of markets involving high –specialized applications.

But focusing on the custom converting of films, which the company has evolved meet extraordinary performance and quality requirements, the company has evolved to become one of the preeminent manufactures of self-adhesive tapes/products.

The ongoing development of new products has been and will continue to be critical to the WPPL's success because of its focus on solutions for its customer's unique requirements. The management works closely with its customers during the new product development cycle.

Generally, a new product is developed by evaluating both WPPL and the customer. The product then proceeds through trial and trial scale–up phases during which final specifications are developed and manufacturing processes and standardized.

Unique Products Developed as per the Process/Product Requirement

    1. Label Stock for Medical Products.
    2. Branding/Application System of Thermal Heating Products.
    3. Laminated Products/Tapes for Lamp Shapes.
    4. Laminated Furnishing/Interior Decoration Products.
    5. Spcicing Tapes for Films/Paper.
    6. Foam Products for Handicrafts Export.
    7. Many New Products Under Pipe Line.