coating services

WPPL Services

Performing as a full–service supplier, Wonder Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Involvement encompasses every product design through timely delivery. Our partnering approach involves analyzing every phase of our customer’s processes.

It might include designing a new or better system and components, recommending the best combination of materials.

With compressed lines of communication, broad capabilities, and a “can do!” attitude, we provide total solutions fast.

In short, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to become a vital part of our customer’s team and to build solid, long–term relationships. We’re always prepared to go the extra step to help our customers move ahead.

Virtually everything we do for our customers is designed to contribute to their success. This right partnering approach goes well beyond providing “just parts” to encompass inventory and asset management.

WPPL Manufacturing Products and Services

WPPL has all of the manufacturing and related equipment necessary to meet its overall objective of providing high-value-added products and services. The company’s manufacturing capabilities include reverse roll, direct gravure, knife-over-roll, and proprietary coating processes.

A typical production run can range from 100 to 100kg. The company has also designed its equipment, including coating heads and ancillary equipment, for interchangeability allowing the equipment to be adapted quickly and flexible from one product to another.

WPPL currently operates the following equipment to enable it to provide a full range of coating, laminating, and other converting processes:

  1. One Reverse Roller for Adhesives and Coatings.
  2. Gravure Coaters.
  3. Tape Slitter (Narrow to 3MM and Wide).
  4. Slitters.
  5. One Rewinder.
  6. One Sheeter.
  7. Die-Cutting Systems.
  8. Gravure Printing.
  9. Narrow Web Hex Printing.

All machines have stringent maintenance programs and are continuously being upgraded is consistently upgrading its capabilities to remain a leader in the industry.